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How to paint foliage on a wall with Vinimex Total Antibacterial?

Ready to create a totally free, fresh and natural wall?

When we say free, we are not only referring to the design that will fascinate you, but also, free of bacteria. You may not know, but our walls are full of bacteria.

But don't worry, at Comex we have Vinimex Total Antibacterial, which reduces the formation of four of the most common bacteria by up to 99.9%, which are the cause of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

You are going to turn any of your spaces not only into something beautiful, but something much safer for you and your loved ones. Dare to create your beautiful antibacterial botanical wall with Comex and its more than 3,500 colors.

Don't wait any longer and fill your spaces with the Color that protects!


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